I always have the problem of concentrate on something. For people like me, GTD(Get things done) work stream and tomato working method is very helpful. But I found apps are usually focus on either GTD or tomato working method. And that is where I came out the thought of combine these two things together.

Now you can not just get things done but also tomato done! : )

If you have any problem when using my App or you want something more in this App, please leave a comment below or just email me whatever you would like to say about this App.

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一直以来无法专心的问题都困扰着我。对于像我这样的人来说,GTD(Get things done) 工作流和番茄工作法都是非常帮助的选择。但我发现各个App基本都专注于这两者的其中之一。这也是我想到把两者结合在一起的想法出现的地方。

现在您将不仅可以Get things done而且还能Get tomato done。:)




  1. 您好,我是壹恩科技的小白,主要是做流量变现广告位优化,有没有合作的空间呢
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