A new easy way to Screenshot&Share

Put a website in your Favorites or Bookmark? Now you can put it in your photos!

  • Support both website and markdown files

    Easy share present your extremely easy way to get a screenshot from a website or even markdown files. Open the website or markdown file and click the button and you will get your screenshot

  • Full size screenshot

    The screenshot you take will be full size of the website you opened, so you can share with your friends on social apps, or if you want, save to your photos so the next time you want to review the website you won’t have to open your safari and search the bookmark.

  • Efficient ways to open a URL

    We present many easy ways for you to open a URL. You can scan a QR code with a URL. Or you can input the address manually. What’s more, if you copy a URL from safari or some other apps, you don’t have to paste it, our app will recognize it automatically and auto paste it for you.

  • Efficient markdown editor

    We also present a efficient markdown keyboard for users who want to write a markdown article. And of course several markdown themes you can switch easily


  • The url you copy should be start with ‘http://’ or ‘https://’