ProxyHo Private Policy

English Version

  • All the data you input in this App will be only stored locally in your phone.
  • At current version(1.0.0) we will never upload any data to our server or other third-party analysis platforms.
  • You will be notified by an alert right after you open the new version App when any change of this policy has occurred.


  • 你在本应用程序中输入的所有数据都将只存储在您的手机本地中。
  • 当前版本(1.0.0)中,我们不会将您的任何数据上传到我们的服务器或任何其他第三方分析平台中。
  • 当此隐私政策发生改变时,您会在打开新版本的应用程序时立刻收到一条提醒。