Many Privacy Policy

English Version

  • All the data you input in this App will be only stored locally in your phone.
  • In the current version (v2.2.0), we will collect some click data and program crash logs to help us optimize program functionality and reduce crash probability. However, please rest assured that this data will not be associated with any personal information or user identification of you, and we will not collect it. In order to verify the validity of the order, we may upload your AppStore receipt to our server to request Apple to verify its validity. We will not store your receipt data in the server, and accordingly, we will adopt a mechanism of uploading every verification.
  • Unless otherwise specified, the above version number is also valid for subsequent versions.
  • You will be notified by an alert right after you open the new version App when any change of this policy has occurred.



  • 你在本应用程序中输入的所有数据都将只存储在您的手机本地中。
  • 在当前版本(v2.2.0)中,我们会收集部分的点击数据和程序的崩溃日志,来帮助我们优化程序功能和降低崩溃概率,但请放心,这些数据不会与您的任何个人信息或用户标识产生关联,我们也不会收集任何您在本App中输入的内容。为了验证订单的有效性,我们可能会上传您的AppStore收据到我们的服务器以请求Apple验证有效性,我们不会在服务器中存储您的收据数据,相应的,我们会采取每次验证都上传的机制。
  • 除非特殊说明,否则上述的版本号也对后续版本生效。
  • 当此隐私政策发生改变时,您会在打开新版本的应用程序时立刻收到一条提醒。